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Ultimate-Guitar Chord Decoder

Ultimate-Guitar Chord Decoder

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The Ultimate-Guitar Chord Decoder is aimed at guitarists who are mystified by chords. It displays only the most essential chords in the most practical and useful fingerings, along with an easy-to-understand primer on chord construction. Starting with open-position power chords all the way up to advanced altered and extended jazz voicings, you'll have all the chords you'll ever need to use in your lifetime, regardless of what style of music you play. Featured topics include: reading tablature, deciphering chord symbols, reading chord diagrams, choosing chord fingerings, open-position essential chords, movable chords, triads, inversions, seventh chords, and more.

Online audio is accessed at"

The Most Essential Chords for All Guitar Styles

96 pages

by Joe Charupakorn


Format:Book/Online Audio