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Willis Music

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Description: This lyrical piece has a RH melody which uses repeated notes in an ascending and descending pattern. The B section begins with the melody in the LH and switches to the RH. The form is ABA Coda.

Purpose: In Promises, the student has the opportunity to perfect the technical skills required for finger changes on repeated notes. The performer's interpretative skills will be enhanced, as he/she carefully balances melody and accompaniment, observes dynamics, and shapes phrasing.

Suggestions for Instruction: Practice the RH alone, slowly. Take care to play the correct fingerings. The beauty of the melodic line must be voiced carefully, using dynamic markings to delight both student and audience. Give attention to the difference between poco rit., rit., molto rit. and rallentando. Play this piece as expressively as possible.

Key: C Major

Early Intermediate Level


Carolyn C. Setliff Early Intermediate Level