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German Dance

German Dance

Willis Music

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Description: The melody line in the A section is in the RH, with the LH playing the accompaniment. The B section goes to the key of A Minor. The chromatic melody line switches from the LH to the RH. When the A section returns, the melody is played in the LH, with a counter melody in the RH.

Purpose: The accent on the first beat gives a strong sense of rhythm and punctuates the dance sound. Phrasing, dynamic contrasts, the use of tenuto and voicing of the melodic line all afford the student opportunities to play expressively.

Suggestions for Instruction: This is a dance, so play it at a moderate speed and with a sense of fun. Practice the RH alone in the A section, being careful to phrase carefully. Follow the same procedure in m. 41-48 with the LH. In the B section, keep the accompaniment light and soft, giving weight to the melody line. Be careful to follow the pedal markings.

Key: C Major

Later Elementary Level


Carolyn C. Setliff Later Elementary Level