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The Itsy Bitsy Elephant

The Itsy Bitsy Elephant

Willis Music

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Description: This piece is written in middle C position, is 37 measures long and in 3/4 time. The melody is shared between the hands and spans five octaves. Accents are used throughout the piece and the LH crosses over the RH for the final note.

Purpose: The melody is shared between the LH and the RH, and students are required to play evenly. The contrasting middle section involves parallel harmonies which must be articulated exactly together.

Suggestions for Instruction: The mood suggestion here reads: Lazily. The tempo should be relaxed. As always, dynamic contrasts are necessary to help define the character. Crisp staccatos at the the end will help to promote the intended humor.

Key: C Major

The Finn & Morris Performance Series/Early Elementary Level


Cheryl Finn & Eamonn Morris Early Elementary Level