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All Cooped Up!

All Cooped Up!

Willis Music

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Description: This piece is written in Middle C position, is 24 measures long and in common time. The tempo is moderate and the melody hints at a barnyard theme. The LH crosses over the RH several times to perform the accompaniment. Three octaves are eventually used by the end of the piece.

Purpose: A steady tempo and an even tone are required while sharing the melody between the hands. Colorful LH crossovers promote accuracy.

Suggestions for Instruction: The tempo/mood suggestion reads: 'Happily'. Students should be sure to play this piece in a fun/happy manner. Good dynamic contrasts will enhance the mood of the piece. Lead to the first beat in each bar.

Key: C Major

The Finn & Morris Performance Series/Early Elementary Level


Cheryl Finn & Eamonn Morris Early Elementary Level