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Willis Music

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Description: This duet was culled from the solo “Lullaby for Shira Micol” (which was dedicated to my 2nd granddaughter). It is a warm and expressive sounding piano duet set in E flat Major and G Major. (The solo is in G Major.) Soothing in sound, the piece will put newborn babies to sleep and it will relax new parents.

Purpose: This duet was written at the request of Kathleen Jendrusik, Chairman of the All Ohio Piano Ensemble. The purpose of the duet is to stimulate interest in playing and performing expressive sounding music while developing ensemble skills.

Suggestions for Instruction: Encourage the secondo player to: 1. Provide a soft and gentle introduction, and 2. Listen to the color that is evoked by using the damper pedal. Encourage the primo player to listen to the counterpoint beginning in m. 10 and continuing until m. 17. Each part must be practiced and attention focused on shaping each melody and phrase. Also, be sure to point out the structure of the composition. The part that has the melody needs to be given dynamic priority. For example, at m. 19, secondo plays mf while primo plays mp; at m. 28, secondo plays mp while primo plays p.

Key: E flat Major & G Major

1 Piano, 4 Hands/Early Intermediate Level


David Karp 1 Piano, 4 Hands Early Intermediate Level