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Evening in Madrid

Evening in Madrid

Willis Music

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Description: A few years ago, my wife, Renee, and I took a trip to Spain and spent some time in Madrid. During that time, we would walk in the street and hear music that was being played or broadcasted. We enjoyed the syncopated rhythms and repeated notes of the music we heard. I have tried to capture some of those sounds in “Evening in Madrid.” The syncopated left hand part serves as an ostinato as the right hand melody uses lots of repeated notes. Although in a minor key, this music is very joyful and energetic.

Purpose: To provide an early intermediate solo with syncopated rhythm and inherently Spanish sounds that motivate students to practice. This would make a good recital solo. The syncopated rhythms are set in a musical framework with lots of repetition, thereby giving the student an opportunity to have a successful experience practicing and performing this solo.

Suggestions for Instruction: Count with your student to develop an accurate reading of the LH rhythm. Stress the offbeat accents in a verbal manner. Encourage your student to keep a supple wrist and to use the forearm on the repeated notes.

Key: A Minor

Early Intermediate Level


David Karp Early Intermediate Level