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Hop Scotch

Hop Scotch

Willis Music

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Description: Hopscotch is a lively, snappy piece in Middle-C position, written especially for the beginning level student. Basic skills covered include: staccato, legato, dynamics -- p, f, mf, ff and crescendo; left hand melody in the B section with balance of melody and accompaniment; accents. A great piece with lots of energy. It is a good selection for any audience.

Purpose: My purpose was to compose a piece that provided a challenge, covering a wide range of skills while staying in the range of capability of the beginning level student.

Suggestions for Instruction: Slow, accurate practice is the key for mastery of this material.

A Section: Practice in approximately 2 measure intervals in repetitions; Next, practice fourth beat of measure 2 to third beat of measure in repetitions; Then, from beginning pickup through measure 4 in repetitions.

B Section: Practice hands separately, left hand first, working on tone quality and dynamics (cresc. at m. 15). Next, practice right-hand intervals, softly. Then putting the section hands together.

Ending: (m. 28 to the end)- practice counting then playing.

Increase the tempo gradually.

Key: C Major

Early Elementary Level


Linda Longino Walker Early Elementary Level