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Lady Ashlyn's Gigue

Lady Ashlyn's Gigue

Willis Music

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Description: “Lady Ashlyn's Gigue” is written in 6/8 meter. The A section is in the form of question and answer, employing pattern and sequence form. The B section has scale passages and uses broken chords. Both scales and chords are divided between the hands, making them easier to play at the fast tempo. The A section follows, ending with the coda.

Purpose: This piece is accessible to most students. It gives them the opportunity to play something that sounds harder than it actually is. It would be a great recital piece.

Suggestions for Instruction: Examine the form, noting which measures repeat. Practice the piece at a much slower tempo, then presto, using the metronome to help keep the beat steady and the eighth notes even. Identify the patterns and sequences in the A section. Practice hands separately, concentrating on fingering. Pay close attention to dynamics.

Key: G Major

Later Elementary Level


Carolyn C. Setliff Later Elementary Level