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Microwave Popcorn

Microwave Popcorn

Willis Music

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Description: Teaches staccato and legato touches; also ritardando and the fermata. It has direct dynamics mf, and pp. There is also a short use of the pedal at the end.

Purpose: Introduces the staccato touch and 8va. Pp could be used to introduce the student to the soft pedal. The metronome can be used to establish a steady 4/4 beat, especially when leaping to 8va.

Suggestions for Instruction: Have the student practice mm. 2,4,8 etc., for balance between melody and accompaniment by thinking 'Loud' for the dotted half note in the left hand and 'soft-soft' for the right hand quarter notes. It should have an “oom-pa-pa” type of sound.

Key: C Major

Mid-Elementary Level


Claudette Hudelson Mid-Elementary Level