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Peaceful River

Peaceful River

Willis Music

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Description: Purpose: I wanted young students to work on playing a smooth, lyrical piece, and thus improve their musicianship.

Suggestions for Instruction: * Practice the left-hand harmonic intervals (p.2) without the melody line, naming each interval. Next, try the left- and right-hand harmonic intervals on page 4.

* Practice the white-key arpeggios on page 3. Have the student try them without pedal at first, to work on legato playing. Then, add the pedal, being sure to change it smoothly where indicated. After the white key arpeggios in “Peaceful River” are mastered, the student may try all white key arpeggios, ascending and descending.

* Discuss the dynamics on page 3. Notice that during the ascending arpeggio, there is a crescendo, and as the arpeggio descends, there is a diminuendo.

* It is especially important that the student be taught musical sensitivity while playing this piece. Discuss the title of the piece, and how the music fits the title. Ask the students questions like: “How would you feel if you were sitting by a peaceful river?” “What would you do while sitting there?”

Key: C Major

Early Elementary Level


Lynette Sharp Early Elementary Level