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The Modes - Complete Set

The Modes - Complete Set


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Learn to improvise, compose and recognize modal music. Also includes a guitar jam track and licks in each style, with lessons by Danny Gill. The modes of the major scale have been used for centuries as a compositional tool and as a source for improvisation. This excellent DVD series will to take you through each of the 7 modes step by step so that you will be able to improvise, compose and recognize modal music. Each DVD includes licks in the style of a featured artist and a guitar jam track.

Now available – all seven video lessons on the modes in one value-priced set, including: Ionian (Slash) • Dorian (Santana) • Phrygian (Malmsteen) • Lydian (Vai) • Mixolydian (Van Halen) • Aeolian (Schenker) • and Locrian (Satriani). These seven DVDs retail for $132.93 but the set is only $99.99, a savings of almost $33.00!

Essential Guitar: The Modes Series

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by Danny Gill


Format:Complete Set (7 DVDs)