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The Mechanics of Electric Guitar

The Mechanics of Electric Guitar


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A complete guitar course for absolute beginners with Lee Hodgson. This easy-to-follow tutorial is ideal if you've just bought your first electric guitar, or if there's been a guitar sitting around somewhere just waiting to be played. This DVD will take you from novice level through to intermediate level. Yet it requires no prior knowledge at all; it truly is for someone starting from the beginning. Slowly but surely, the DVD guides you through all the things that a beginner needs to know and, very importantly, points out what can go wrong. Each of the carefully designed chapters includes chord vocabulary, while commonly used scales and technique are introduced strategically along with some practical theory. Nothing too demanding, just enough to help you understand what you're doing and why. You'll soon be strumming chords, picking out melodies and, hopefully, writing some songs of your own! Making music has never been so easy! Lee Hodgson is a versatile studio musician and vastly experienced stage performer. He is also a regularly featured columnist and transcriber for both Guitarist and Guitar Techniques magazines.

A Complete Guitar Course for a Beginner to Intermediate Level Guitarist

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by Lee Hodgson


Format:2-DVD Set