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Jazz Soloing Techniques

Jazz Soloing Techniques


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This DVD will introduce you to the world of octave playing in the style of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Joe Pass and Pat Metheny. Learn how to dramatically, musically and effortlessly expand your soloing using all of the touch, taste, tone, time, and above all tude, as in ATTITUDE. Using octaves, guitarists can kick-up the melodic possibilities of their soloing, far beyond scales, licks and chords – and give the player powerful new tools for improvisation not just in jazz, but blues pop and rock. Learn about octaves by learning easy to play contemporary jazz pieces, in an effortless progression from the basics to some of the most advanced and expressive octave playing all in the course of one video! Sections include: Octave basics around the neck • using the thumb, fingers and pick for maximum versatility • Chord solo concepts using octaves • blues licks, scales and chromatic riffs in octaves • Play melodies expressively with octaves developing an awesome touch using right hand tonal techniques • developing a naturally expressive style using techniques such as expressive dynamic contouring • expressive devices such as slurs, tremolo, slides • additional harmony behond octaves • lots of solo ideas to develop and adapt into your own style.

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by Richard Smith