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Samson Audio

  • $ 179.99

Samson's SP100 Speaker Stand raises your music to where audiences can enjoy it to the fullest. This lightweight, telescoping tripod speaker stand features a roadworthy, aluminum-constructed design with a sleek black finish. With a standard 1-3/8″ pole adapter, the SP100 fits virtually any PA speaker. Adjustable up to 6″ in height, this stand can handle enclosures that weigh up to 110 pounds (50kg) and has a locking latch for increased support.

Features include:

•¦Heavy duty, telescoping speaker stand with tripod base

•¦Lightweight, aluminum construction

•¦Sleek black finish

•¦Adjustable up to 6' in height

•¦Standard 1-3/8″ pole adapter fits virtually any PA speaker

•¦110 lbs. (50kg) of handling capacity

•¦Locking latch for increased support

Single Heavy Duty Speaker Stand