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MixPad MXP124

MixPad MXP124

Samson Audio

  • $ 154.99

Samson's all-new MixPad MXP124 Compact, 12-Channel Analog Stereo Mixer combines uncompromising sonic quality with roadworthy durability. The MXP124 boasts an ultra-low noise, high headroom design from every input to every output. The MXP124 features premium circuitry specifically designed to work with Samson's MDR (Maximum Dynamic Range) mic preamps to provide wide frequency range, definitive channel separation and natural response. This ensures that all your mixes originate from pure, authentic audio signals, making the MXP124 perfect for education, broadcast, band rehearsals and other live sound applications.

Features include:

•¦Ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer

•¦Four Class A MDR (Maximum Dynamic Range) mic preamps with 3-band EQ

•¦Four Stacked-Stereo channels

•¦High-quality, precision faders

•¦Two single-knob, studio-quality compressors

•¦One pre-fader Aux Send per channel for monitor mix

•¦All mic channels equipped with input Gain and high pass filters

•¦48-volt Phantom Power for condenser microphones

•¦Multiple outputs: Main Mix, Mix 2, Phones and Tape

•¦Tape inputs assignable to Main Mix or Mix 2/Phones outputs

•¦Optional mic stand mount available

Compact, 12-Channel Analog Stereo Mixer