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Audio Master Suite

Audio Master Suite

Sony Creative Software

  • $ 499.95

Sony's Audio Master Suite comes with everything you need to record, edit, and produce professional audio on your Windows PC. First up, there's Sound Forge Pro 11. Sound Forge Pro has been one of the cornerstones of the professional recording and broadcast world since non-linear recording came to the PC, and it's found in post-production studios around the world. SpectraLayers Pro 2, on the other hand, gives you a totally unique way to dive into the very fabric of your audio files for in-depth editing. The Audio Master Suite also comes with other useful goodies, such as CD Architect 5.2, plug-ins by iZotope, and a bunch of cool content.

Features include:

•¦Your complete audio recording, processing, editing, and mastering suite

•¦Sound Forge Pro 11 provides all of the tools you need to record and produce multichannel audio

•¦SpectraLayers Pro 2 gives you in-depth editing options for advanced audio processing

•¦CD Architect 5.2 makes professional Red Book-compliant disc authoring easy

•¦Additional content by iZotope and Sony arm you with great production tools

Waveform and Spectral Editing Software Retail Edition for Mac



Format:Retail Edition for Mac