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ARC 2.0 (Advanced Room Correction System)

ARC 2.0 (Advanced Room Correction System)

IK Multimedia

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ARC (Advanced Room Correction) System is the first acoustic room correction system in a DAW plug-in for MAC/PC. It consists of a professionally calibrated measurement microphone, measurement software, and a multi-platform plug-in, designed to correct acoustical problems in any mixing environment. ARC features Audyssey MultEQ® technology, which measures sound information througout the listening area in various zones of the room, then combines the information to provide an accurate representation of the room's acoustical problems. The plug-in then corrects for both time and frequency response problems more effectively and efficiently than any other room correction EQ on the market. Features: revolutionary Audyssey MultEQ® technology to improve clarity, stereo imaging and frequency response • sonically “treat” your room so you can finally trust the sound of your studio • easy to set-up and use • may be used in multiple environments and on the road. Includes: calibrated measurement mic • measurement software • multi-platform correction plug-in.