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iZotope RX(TM) 2

iZotope RX(TM) 2

Music Pro Guides

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RX2 is simply the most complete audio repair software toolkit on the market today. Based on iZotope's years of research and development in the fields of psychoacoustics and image processing, RX2 combines cutting-edge tools, an intuitive visual editing capability, and an optimized workflow that provides a powerful solution for anyone trying to repair damaged audio.

In this DVD, host Andrew Eisele breaks it all down for the novice, beginner or intermediate user by providing an in-depth overview of the RX2 interface, including all the on-board tools, file menus, meters, and workflow screens. Next, using a variety of real-world audio samples, he demonstrates each of RX2's repair modules and teaches you how to use them to get the best results for repairing many types of common and uncommon audio problems. You'll learn how to use the Declip module to repair analog and digital distortion; how to remove pops, clicks, and crackles using the Declick & Decrackle module; how to remove specific types of hum using the Remove Hum module; how to remove, repair, and attenuate broadband noise with the Denoise module; and how to fix, remove, and even repair missing audio using the Spectral Repair module. Along the way, Andrew shares many tips and techniques he has learned from using RX2 in his own audio restoration work.

RX2 is extremely powerful and may appear a little daunting if you are a first-time or beginner user, but with the information in the program, you'll be up and running in no time!

Beginner/Intermediate Level