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100 Essential Drumset Lessons

100 Essential Drumset Lessons

The Music Rack

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100 Essential Drumset Lessons contains information, examples, exercises, and over 300 demonstration and play-along audio tracks covering a range of topics that every drummer – from novice to professional – will find useful. Its educational scope runs the gamut, including basic rock, funk, metal, hip-hop, blues, country, basic swing, advanced swing concepts, fills, technical exercises, metric superimposition, soloing concepts, odd time playing, brush playing, as well as Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and other world music drumming styles. It also includes advice on productive practicing techniques, transcribing drum parts, creating an original drum part for a song, and five drumset audition solos – suitable for use at all-state auditions, music festivals, or recitals.

Rock · Jazz · Funk · Metal · Hip-Hop¦· Blues · Country · Reggae · Afro-Cuban · More!

208 pages

by Terry O'Mahoney


Format:Book/CD Pack