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Rhythm Guitar 365

Rhythm Guitar 365

The Music Rack

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This book provides 365 exercises – one for every day of the year! – to keep your rhythm chops fine tuned. The two CDs include demos of all 365 exercises. The book covers chord theory and the fundamentals of rhythm; basic and complex fingerpicking and strum patterns; popular diatonic and non-diatonic progressions; major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads; major, minor, and dominant seventh chords; extended and altered chords; major and minor keys; and more. By practicing these you'll gain greater knowledge of chord construction and progressions, exposure to the rhythm styles of several musical genres, improved fingerpicking and strumming technique, increased chord-voicing vocabulary, and more!

Daily Exercises for Developing, Improving and Maintaining Rhythm Guitar Technique Book/2-CD Pack

304 pages

by Troy Nelson


Format:Book/2-CD Pack