Tisha Hancock

Mrs. Hancock’s music education began at age six after begging her parents to take piano lessons for two years. A year later she added voice lessons, and began harp at age eleven. By the time she was sixteen, Mrs. Hancock was studying classical singing techniques and opera with the late Dr. Gwendolyn Lytle at Pomona College, and in college studied under Dr. Jean (Gothold) Cobb at Whittier College in California. Mrs. Hancock completed all required classes to earn a music degree, but opted not to perform a senior recital, thus, she holds a Bachelors of Arts with a minor in Music Performance.
Mrs. Hancock has been married to her college sweetheart over twenty years and she is a homeschool mother of four kids, having educated them at home since 2007. In 2018 Mrs. Hancock opened a private studio to pour into the next generation of musicians. She emphasizes teaching beginners the fundamentals of music theory, sight-reading, sight-singing, and the importance of home practice. But teaching integrity, excellence, dedication, and perseverance benefits her students in every area of life. Her curriculum is catered to the needs and desires of the individual student, and Mrs. Hancock enjoys being part of each student’s musical journey.